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Dany Sanz Brand development expert / Consultant / Speaker and Trainer


Growing up in a modest background enriched Dany’s imagination and will to succeed. By keeping her values intact and never giving up, she gathered all the experiences possible in art, aesthetic, cosmetics in order to realize her goals of having her own make up school and then make up brand, Make Up For Ever. MUFE became quickly the place to go for professionals or to find the impossible and where Life is a Stage.

As a key reference in cosmetic training, her passion, Dany was also the adviser of the French Board of Education to help build the programs for the make up diplomas in France beside the brands and groups she worked for.

Beyond borders and always looking to connect, she built a tribe of make up artists and make up addicts to have mutual contributions and help because “alone, you can’t do anything”.


  • Product conception
  • Products and tools development
  • Methods / utilizations development
  • Cosmetic market analyst
  • Brand consultant
  • Art director
  • Trainer & Speaker


Nationality: French
Graduated from the Beaux Arts School in Paris.

1962-1965           BEAUX ARTS School in Paris

1970-1977           GATINEAU – Retail international trainer

1977-1989           CHAUVEAU school of Make up– Director

1980-2000           FRENCH BOARD OF EDUCATION – Consultant for the make up
and aesthetic diplomas

1984-2017           Founding and development of MAKE UP FOR EVER      

1985-2000           L’OREAL – Make up expert and trainer, brand consultant & advisor, ambassador l’Oreal perfection for Eastern Europe, ambassador Maybelline worldwide.

                             HELENA RUBINSTEIN – Artistic direction for rework of the range

1977-Today        THE TRIBE – Dany developed a worldwide network/community of make-up artists and passionate people where everyone can share and help on their common passion.

Today                  Educational make up shows worldwide

        • Creative process course inventor and teacher
        • Masterclasses and Workshops
        • Conferences
        • Brand Consulting